Refund Policy

Payment cancellation and Refund Policy

Revision 20.02.2020

General Provisions
All users of the site (including commercial ones) who have replenished their Personal account have the opportunity to contact the Site Administration (hereinafter referred to as the "Owner") in order to return funds through the support service inside the site, or by E-mail: [email protected]. The decision to refuse/refund the paid funds is taken solely by the Owner unilaterally. When making this decision, the Owner is guided by the following set of rules:
Section 1
  1. The amount of payment may be returned to the user only until the actual use of these funds inside;
  2. The refund amount should actually be in the user's personal account in full and should not be blocked or involved;
Section 2
The amount of funds calculated according to the conditions described in Section 1, hereinafter referred to as the "refund amount", is paid as follows and in the following amounts:
  1. For bank details specified by the user:
    •  When paying through other payment channels (except for SMS) - 90% of the amount to be returned, minus $ 0.20.
    •  When paying via SMS-message - a refund is not carried out, since payment by this method is a service of a mobile operator and money for a delivered message is not returned
  2. A refund to a bank account is possible from the user's personal account, according to the method of replenishing a personal account, as well as the information specified in paragraph "1" of this section.
  3. Funds paid with bank cards can only be returned to the same details as with payment. The amount of the payment commission depends on the payment system that the user used to pay and can vary from 0% to 10%, in which case the return will be from 100% to 90%.
Section 3
After the user has applied for a refund of the amount of payment to and received the approval of the Owner, the user must provide the data:
  1. Bank details for which it is necessary to transfer the amount of the return;
  2. Contact information for communication - phone and email address;
  3. Registration data: user id and email specified in the questionnaire on the site;
  4. In case of a positive decision on the return, the funds will be transferred to the details specified in the application within 30 calendar days.
If you have questions when working with the site, please contact the Support Service inside the site, which is located at the bottom of the page. We are always happy to help you.
Only the Russian version of this document is legally binding. Any translations of this document into other languages ​​are provided for your convenience only.